Passion is the key

With nearly half of the population in India of young adults, we must make the best of this time for our country.
The main reason we all quit doing things or work is mostly due to lack of interest. We are always told by others what would give us maximum monetary gains and to follow that blindfoldly. The success module is determined by things achieved and material possessions.The mark of a successful man is how big his house is or how many cars he owns.

A big No for that.

You will always look forward to doing things which your heart desires !!! Success shall follow suit..

Dont rush into things which others tell you to do .. ask yourself and you shall get the answer.

Many would discourage you to be not a risk taker but be in your comfort zone and that is the biggest obstacle you have to watch out for. Follow your heart as it knows the way.

Just believe in yourself and love the journey called Life.

(Dedicated to all our young people)

Shobhal Singh( CEO- Surya Uday Organisation)

Passion is all you need

Goodmorning friends

I am a first time blogger so little confused where to start!!

I run an ngo which works for underprivileged women and girl child in health and education sector in India.

My reason to write on passion as my article is simply because that is all you need to do anything in life!!! Getting married early in life and then rearing up kids along with seeing household chores,day just went by.So decided to do something which I would love to and could carry on inspite of forces not so favourable.

I would want to say it with empasis that it’s not money ,it’s not anything else but it’s determination which makes things happen.Just do it with all your might….Don’t see the results just keep going on and finally you would be very close to whatever you want in life and surely achieve it too.